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Ludi by Bexi

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Ludi by Bexi is our most versatile product, the one to have with you in a pinch, incorporating all Bexi’s best in one multipurpose solution in one elegant package, a simple, plain black bottle (0.17 fl. oz / 5 ml) with a glass roller ball.  Perfect in the clutch.

​Use Ludi by Bexi:

  • as an easily accessible, portable, targeted moisturiser;
  • as make-up remover to erase mistakes when touching up make-up;
  • as a cleanser and as a balm.

If want you want is sold out or you'd like a larger or smaller size, please contact Bexi.

Ingredients: castor oil, organic lime juice, Dead Sea salt, extra virgin macadamia nut oil, organic aloe vera juice, organic Peruvian ginger, Sierra spring wildflower honey, a proprietary blend of essential oils, and nothing else

Ludmilla & Craig (60s) - "Ludmilla's allergic to just about everything, but since she's been using Bexi's products, her various skin issues no longer bother her, she's saving a ton of money on skin care products, she has a lot fewer jars and stuff to bother with, and she loves and swears by all the products.  For her, Bexi's has been something of a lifesaver, particularly after she collaborated with Bexi to perfect and incorporate Ludi's fresh ginger regimen into Bexi's Bespoke products."  Read more client testimonials...