About Bexi's Products

"Just as I try to eat healthy organic whole foods,
by using Bexi's I know my skin is being nourished with healthy whole foods."
~ Vicki D.



What you put on your body frequently ends up in your body.  Your skin is your largest organ.  It makes vitamin D, allows you to sense touch and temperature, and is a physical barrier that protects your body from the environment.  A mix of bacteria, fungi and viruses that help to fend off invading species and communicate with immune cells lives on your skin (incorrectly, but colloquially called your skin microbiome) and is important for your health and well-being (1).

What is a whole food?  A whole food is minimally processed food, free from additives or other artificial substances, e.g., fresh ginger root, raw honey, goat's milk, and cold-pressed nut oils.

High quality whole foods (non-GMO, heritage breed, farmed organically, and, in the case of animal products, raised humanely) are potent because they contain nutrients in the most biologically available forms and concentrations for your body.

Vegan skincare formulations do not provide the full range of nutrients needed for healthy skin.   

Every ingredient has a specific function.  Bexi's products are formulated and manufactured by Dr. Bexi and do not contain fillers or pre-made bases.  

Our ingredients are sourced locally, where possible.  The goat's milk used in the Serum comes from a single goat, Lafawnduh, who lives on a farm 10 miles from Bexi's.  Read more about goat's milk and Lafawnduh here.  The honey in Bexi's products comes from West Davis Honey, 2.3 miles from Bexi's.  Read more about West Davis Honey here.

Our ingredients are our fragrances.  Bexi's products do not contain any artificial, unnatural or unnecessary ingredient or fragrance.  All essential oils are used for their revitalising properties and are blended at appropriate and balanced concentrations.

All Bexi's products are available without essential oils and/or with bespoke blends of oils to suit your personal needs and tastes.  To learn more about Bexi's proprietary essential oil blends and/or to find out which products contain essential oils to which you may be allergic, please contact Bexi.    


Bexi's manufacturing process and packaging allow for the use of minimal amounts of naturally-occurring preservatives.  For more than ten years, while working as a researcher in academia and biotechnology, Dr. Bexi cultured and studied cell lines and primary cell cultures without antibiotics as models of human metabolism and disease.  Dr. Bexi translated her finely-honed sterile and aseptic skills to the formulation and manufacture of Bexi's products, and her sterile and aseptic manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art, airtight, ultraviolet glass containers ensure Bexi's products retain their maximum potency.  This allows her to use only the very minimum necessary trace of naturally occurring preservatives, pristine whole foods, high quality third-party-tested essential oils, and nothing else.
Bexi's products are shelf-stable at room temperature (45-75 ºF) for at least 3 months.  The ultraviolet glass and airtight seals on Bexi's jars and bottles prevent oxidation, disintegration and microbial contamination of Bexi's products.  Please do not unscrew the pump or spray caps on your Bexi's bottles, as this breaks the airtight seal, introduces microbial contamination and decreases the shelf-life of your Bexi's products.

Please wash and reuse or recycle your containers, or return them to Bexi's to be washed, sterilized, and reused or recycled.  Thank you for caring for Mother Nature.

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