Goat's Milk

The nutrient density of a mother's milk varies to meet the needs of her growing offspring. Mother's milk is typically higher in fats and amino acids early in the lactation cycle (soon after birth). Commercial goat’s milk is a mixture of milk from lots of goats who are at various points in their lactation cycle and rarely from goats that have recently given birth, as that would deprive the newborn kids of their food source.  

Bexi's Serum is made milk from one goat that grazes on grass and plants that flourish in the California sun, resulting in nutrient-dense milk. Using this nutrient-dense milk as the first ingredient in the Serum results in a rich, nourishing product that is perfect for revitalising depleted, dry, and/or sensitive skin.

Who’s the goat and what’s her story?
Lafawnduh, an Oberhasli (heirloom breed) goat, lives on Amy and Larry's farm in Dixon, about 10 miles from Davis, and spends her days eating green grass, lounging in the sun and fraternizing with other goats, sheep, dogs, turkeys, chickens, geese, guinea fowl and a peacock. Here's Lafawnduh pregnant with kids back in February, 2021.

The day I first milked Lafawnduh, I got to play with Fritz, one of her frisky kids.

I just had to take a video of Fritz as he bounced around the farm...


Here's a video of Lafawnduh getting ready to get milked by me...


And here I am milking for the first time...

 Lafawnduh getting milked while Greta, the terrier, keeps her company.

This process of transforming a seasonal, local, natural, wholesome ingredient into special skin care products exemplifies my philosophy and what Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation strives to embody and achieve. Your support ensures that these values take root and are sustained and perpetuated within the beauty industry and our community at large. Thanks for being part of this communal paradigm shift. 🕊💜🌿

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