Bexi's Testimonials

Diana W. (Sjogren's) - "I chose Bexi’s for my health and it was worth it.  

Everything affects me and messes with my hormones and my gut.  It's taken me years to heal my gut and body.  As a result, I refuse to put anything on my skin that could sabotage my hormones and mess up my organs.  Because of my health and sensitivities, I stopped putting anything on my skin and gave up hope of ever using skincare products, even my own DIY products.

In a discussion about skin care on Smart Patients (my trusted online forum for the autoimmune community), Bexi’s products came up as a safe option.  I was initially shocked by Bexi’s prices as I'm a very frugal person.  I was conflicted.  I was desperate for skincare that did not negatively affect me, but I did not want to spend such an enormous amount of money on something that I wasn’t sure would work.  After talking to Bexi, her deep understanding of health, based on her own struggle with autoimmunity and her education, convinced me to take the leap of faith. 

Bexi is a gem, someone who tells you the truth and provides great value.  She asks questions that only those who understand long-term health, autoimmunity, and sensitivities know to ask.  Not only do you get bespoke products for your skin, you also get great tips, coping mechanisms and education from Bexi.  Plus, Bexi’s products last a long time…Quality over quantity. 

Before Bexi’s I would wear a Darth Vader-like mask to protect my face from sunlight.  If I was in or near sunlight, I would get painful skin rashes and blisters on my face that would leave embarrassing scars that hurt for days.  It took months to really feel the difference Bexi’s products were making.  At first my skin felt drier after using Bexi’s.  I was concerned, but, after talking to Bexi and understanding why it felt that way, I continued using the products and, after a while, my skin started to feel better and more balanced.

After a year of using Bexi’s, I can see and feel how much my skin health has improved.  Now my skin is healthy enough that I’m able to soak in the sun's rays like normal people do!!!! 

I look forward to continuing this investment in my health."

Rebecca M. (Sjogren's) - "I recently had a lovely episode of dishydrotic dermatitis, with the oozing blisters between the fingers, the cracking, the areas of missing outer layer of skin on my hands.  Don't even have my med that I was prescribed for same, been so long since it happened.  But I started using the Body Milk whenever I washed my hands, etc.; and the whole schmeer was almost completely healed and gone within 24 hours!!  I've never had that happen before, it's always a prolonged pitched battle getting on top of the issue."

Jessica E. (Autoimmune, Rosacea) - "I found Bexi about a year ago, when I was suffering from many autoimmune symptoms.  My body and, therefore, my skin, were very unbalanced and reactive.  I was suffering with dry skin, itchy patches and rosacea on my face. I was working with other wellness practitioners to address my health and was referred to Bexi for a therapeutic approach to calm and heal my skin.  

We began with her customized (bespoke) products to specifically address not only my skin’s needs but also my nervous system.  I immediately jumped in with the Body Milk, Serum, Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser, Sylvi for my scalp, Ludi and Balm.  The investment was big, but I was confident that I was nourishing my skin from the outside in!  Within a couple of months I could see how much more resilient my skin was becoming.  Prior to this, I was trying so many products that were one extreme or the other.  They were prescription strength pharmaceuticals and, therefore, contributing to the imbalances in my body, or, “natural” products that literally had no effect.  

The opportunity to consult with Bexi and send her pictures with my progress throughout this process has made all the difference.  I am actually spending less because I am no longer trying the next great thing - I have found it!  Bexi’s products are the perfect balance of therapeutic and luxurious while truly nurturing my skin, which leaves it soft and youthful.  I no longer require bespoke products but continue to use the Purifying Moisturizer, Spritz, Serum and Balm on a daily basis.  The Ludi is an amazing spot treatment for any flare ups!

The quality is superior and the hunt is finally over.  I feel I can meet all of my skin’s needs with a Bexi product!"

Amy G. (Rosacea, Sensitive Skin) "I have sensitive skin and rosacea and have used Bexi’s for over a year.  What I appreciate most about Bexi’s products is that they are truly natural, made with the highest quality ingredients.  I used to get weekly facials and I have tried many different skincare products, including brands specifically made for sensitive skin.  After using Bexi’s, I no longer feel the need to get facials, or use other products, because Bexi’s has given me my healthiest, most resilient skin.

Bexi’s products feel and smell natural and are light, but effective.  I use the Serum, Spritz, Cleansing Hydrator, Ludi by Bexi and the Multipurpose Mask.  I like both the versions with, and without, essential oils.  The great thing about Bexi’s essential oil blends is that the essential oils are absorbed into my skin (and can work their magic) but there’s no lingering fragrance.  How long Bexi’s products last depends on how much you use.  The Ludi doesn’t last me that long but the Serum lasts a long time.   

Bexi’s products are great value because they are truly natural, they actually work and you get one-on-one consulting time with Bexi, who is easy to work with.  Bexi’s and Bexi are all about the health of my skin, which is also connected to my body’s overall health.  I understand and respect that.  

Anyone who has rosacea and/or sensitive skin must try Bexi’s."

Vicki D. (Oily/Dry Skin) - "I’ve been using Bexi’s for more than three years. My skin is a combination of oily and dry.  Rebecca introduced me to her products and I was immediately impressed with the natural ingredients.  I love the scent of the oils and natural ingredients.  At first, I didn’t find the relief I needed for my dry skin areas. Rebecca worked with me to use the products, Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser and Serum in the right sequence for maximum effect and great success.  Just as I try to eat healthy organic whole foods, by using Bexi’s I know my skin is being nourished with healthy organic whole foods."

Ludmilla T. (Eczema) & Craig H. - "Ludmilla's allergic to just about everything, but since she's been using Bexi's products, her various skin issues no longer bother her, she's saving a ton of money on skin care products, she has a lot fewer jars and stuff to bother with, and she loves and swears by all the products.  For her, Bexi's has been something of a lifesaver, particularly after she collaborated with Bexi to perfect and incorporate Ludi's fresh ginger regimen into Bexi's Bespoke products.  And, seeing how magic the stuff has been for Ludmilla, I started using the Balm on my lips and under my eyes, the Serum as an all-purpose face cream/after shave, and the Purifying Moisturiser and, especially, the Spritz for lots of stuff.  We love Bexi's."

Sylvia L. - "I have been using Bexi's for 6.5 years.  I regularly use the Serum, Body Milk, Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser, Cleansing Hydrator, Balm, Mask and Sylvi by Bexi.

I was a little taken aback with the prices initially, however, when I began to see, and others saw, how good my skin felt and looked, I realized it was absolutely worth it.  The products feel so soothing. Truly, when I do not get the shipment in time and I skip a day without the use of the Serum or the Purifying Moisturizer, I have a hard time. 

I appreciate the love with which the products are made, the research and commitment that goes into making them, and the message to all women to not give in to the pressures of society and cave to the harsh and toxic products on the market, and to spend money wisely on a product that improves your skin in the long run.

For anyone considering Bexi’s, know that Rebecca is very knowledgeable and will provide the best she can offer, whether by way of advice or the products she makes."

Jenn L., Emma L. (Eczema), and Martha M. (Dry Skin)  - "I started using Bexi products because of the natural ingredients - it was great to find a product without any mysterious ingredients I couldn't pronounce. My family now uses Bexi's products for all 3 generations - my mom for her dry skin and my daughter for her eczema.  We love how the products feel on our skin and the hydration they provide.  A few of our favorite products are the Balm, the Spritz, and the Body Milk.  We also love that Bexi's is committed to sustainability and the reuse of containers.  Thank you for creating these wonderful products Rebecca!"

Teri G., (Dry Skin) - "I'm in my late 50s and for years I've been unhappy with how dry my skin felt all the time. I had tried many different products and remedies and was resigned to, 'This is just how it's going to be'

A year ago, I heard about Bexi's products and started with a program to revitalise my skin. 
Bexi's products truly improved  the health of my skin. I am very pleased with the results. This past winter I didn't suffer from the extremely dry skin and cracking that I had experienced for many years. My skin feels deeply nourished and I often say I can't resist touching my face, because it's so soft. 
My skin needs less care and fewer products now than it did when I first started using Bexi's skincare. I'm using less makeup because I just don't feel like I need it. Thank you, Bexi!"

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