Bexi Sez

Bexi’s formulations harness the best of what Mother Nature offers:
minimally processed, nutrient-dense whole foods
used by ancient and modern cultures for optimal skin care,
blended with healthy, manageable concentrations
of therapeutic grade essential oils,
and nothing else,
to provide you with real, effective, multipurpose products
that are truly, accurately and beneficially natural, safe and cost-effective.​
Bexi’s, and nothing else.
​In FDA-mandated order of amounts (1),
the first five ingredients in most skincare products other than Bexi’s
are a roster of inert fillers, such as water, sunflower or other oils,
chemical fillers, such as denatured alcohol,
or chemicals, such as glycerin,
hydroxyethylpiperazine ethane sulfonic acid
(What?) (a chemical buffering agent),
mineral oil or dimethicone (chemical lubricants),
a slew of allegedly holistic, complex, unpronounceable synthetics
questionably concocted in glorified refineries, 
and a dizzying, seemingly random array
of stabilisers, gelling agents, emulsifiers and preservatives…​
 Bexi’s, you get what you pay for.


"People don't realize there is effectively no regulation of cosmetics."
Representative Frank Pallone Jr., Democrat of New Jersey