Buyer Be Wary.

Bexi’s, you know what you’re paying for.​
With Bexi’s you know exactly what we are suggesting you use on your body.
Every ingredient has a scientifically sound function and benefit
to you and your skin.
Bexi’s always lists all of our ingredients appropriately proudly.​
Some skincare manufacturers, such as La Prairie and Kristals,
do not even display the ingredients in their products on their website.
Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.​
Taking a leap of faith, a flyer or a shot in the dark, buying a pig in a poke,
rolling the dice and playing Russian Roulette with your health at stake,
seems, at best, risky and unwise.​
You're placing your faith and trust in the cosmetics industry,
an industry that rarely, if ever,
addresses consumer safety in any way other than after the fact,
just as long as the transitory results of their products
seem instantaneous and fabulous.
So, companies like Ashland and Sederma that actually produce ingredients
such as Chronogen and Matrixyl 3000
almost invariably only conduct studies, if any,
to reassure that the short-term results seem fantastic,
seemingly without any regard whatsoever for any long-term complications
for the consumer/user/test subject/victim/plaintiff.
(That's you, folks.)​
Matrixyl 3000 contains palmitoyl tetrapeptides.
therefore, these alleged nutrients function as drugs.​
To skin cells, palmitoyl tetrapeptides resemble chewed up bits of collagen.
When you apply products containing them to your skin,
your skin cells panic at the seeming lack of intact cellular collagen,
so they kick into overdrive, flooding your system with collagen,
and your face plumps up and you lose your wrinkles...
Presto!  Magic!