Vanity Is Cancer.

The effects of using products containing substances like palmitoyl tetrapeptides
are similar to those of opioid or other hard drug use
which causes your cells to flood your body with dopamine and endorphins;
and, just as with hard drugs,
to attempt to maintain and achieve the same effect,
you have to keep using and increasing the amount you use.
Then, to counteract the inevitable side-effects, 
you have to use more and more and different products,
all in vain.
 Your vanity is crowding your vanity.
Soon, your beauty regimen is expensive, time-consuming and unsustainable.​
Your vanity has become cluttered
in every way.​
The real danger is that your body may then shut down collagen production,
require more of the drug or drugs to maintain some semblance of stasis,
or worse, there may not be anything to hold the overreaction in check.
What if your cells just keep making collagen and don’t stop?
All your metabolic pathways are interconnected,
so an increase in collagen has effects on other reactions in your body,
and may stimulate a different pathway or pathways,
and lead to uncontrolled proliferation of your skin or other cells in your body...​
In a word, cancer.​
Talc is a naturally occurring clay mineral
made of magnesium and silicone,
mined in proximity to asbestos,
a known carcinogen.
Research findings are inconsistent,
The scientific hypothesis is that the talc crystals move up the genitourinary tract,
causing inflammation,
a trigger for ovarian cancer.
In 2006 the International Agency for Research on Cancer 
classified talc as a possible carcinogen
  when used in the female genital area. 
In April 2017 the National Cancer Institute stated that the weight of the evidence
did not support a direct link between perineal talc exposure and ovarian cancer.​
The science is complex,
the findings are inconsistent...
But, and it's a big one...
Why take the risk?