That's Not Science.

And another thing...​​

The manufacturers of these functional drugs masquerading as cosmetics
blatantly skirt and evade FDA scrutiny and rigor by hiding
behind pointedly misleading nomenclature, verisimilitude and pseudoscience...
Alchemy, anyone?​
The reality is that these are nothing but hyperbolic advertising inventions,
marketing campaigns singularly and slyly designed
to expensively rent space in your head,
to feed and feed on insecurity and vanity.
These hucksters don't give a damn about creating equilibrium,
they're too busy creating markets.
​The only research tickling their fancy is market research.
They pimp their ersatz panaceas aggressively with aspirational advertising
and quickly roll out more and more, new and newer "improved" products,
quick scores short-sightedly targeting, manipulating and fleecing the public
to fill corporate coffers and fluff up next fiscal quarter's balance sheets,
with the planned obsolence of your health, well-being and life in the balance...​
Bexi unwaveringly takes the longer view,
building long-term relationships, mutually-enhancing symbioses 
all sustained by providing healthy, holistic, scientific skin care
to your benefit for your lifetime. 
Bexi's builds connections​ between your skin care, your skin, and you.
"Smash The Beauty Machine"
Stephen Merritt and Future Bible Heroes