Ludi by Bexi

Ginger is an essential ingredient in Bexi’s Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser, Balm and the Ludi by Bexi Elixir.  Bexi was introduced to the soothing and revitalising properties of ginger for skin and hair care by her friend and client, Ludmilla (Ludi).  Ludmilla has beautiful but sensitive skin and she suffers from eczema and myriad allergies.  She formerly used a glut of high-end skincare products; now she uses only Bexi's products for her skin care.

​Ludmilla’s Old World traditions and her modern technical and scientific background and research led to her developing and using macerated ginger water to address the issues she had with her hair and skin.  The recipe and process were optimised and passed along to her family and friends, and she generously shared it with Bexi, who researched, experimented, tested, perfectly titrated and appropriately incorporated the use of fresh ginger into Bexi's Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser, Balm and the Ludi by Bexi Elixir.

Bexi uses only fresh organic Peruvian ginger.

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