(In)Organic & (Un)Natural

 …And while we’re at it…​
The FDA has no definitions of "natural" or "organic," so,
to consumers, these buzzwords functionally mean nothing,
despite their constant employ by charlatans.​
petroleum, opiates, arsenic, strychnine, hemlock, poison ivy…
botox, too, by the way…a whole lot of vile stuff…
jellyfish phytotoxins, snail venom and mucus
blood, urine, excrement, various bodily fluids and forms of semen…
They all are natural and organic, and, at some time or other,
all of these natural and organic substances have been foisted upon
a vain and gullible public as somehow beneficial,
then beta-tested on duped patsies in the marketplace.​
But, really,
doesn’t it seem more than a little strange
to knowingly, hopefully ingest or introduce
any weird effluent to human skin,
and stranger still, bizarre, even,
 to pay for the privilege of being a guinea pig, a bleary-eyed bunny,
and blindly choosing to be some corporation’s toady and test subject,
absent any scientific research or clinical trials
on the shaky basis of some meaningless colloquial contrivance or fad,
a passing fancy?​
At Bexi’s, 
time-tested lore and clinically-tested science inform our formulae,
and we don’t try to fool Mother Nature
or cheat Father Time
or you.

"People don't realize there is effectively no regulation of cosmetics."
Representative Frank Pallone Jr., Democrat of New Jersey