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Hydrating, soothing mixture of organic aloe vera and Peruvian ginger juices to nourish your skin and balance your skin microbiome. 

For use on: face, body, scalp and hair

Ingredients: organic aloe vera leaf juice, organic Peruvian ginger, lactobacillus ferment, a proprietary blend of essential oils, and nothing else

If what you want is sold out or you'd like a larger or smaller size, and/or you have questions, would like some assistance, want to personalise a product or create a new oneplease contact Bexi.


Ayca (20s)​"Bexi's Spritz is amazing!  It balances the oiliness of the skin, provides clean and fresh sensation."

​Tereza (20s) - "Using the balm and serum in combination with the wash and spritz has significantly reduced my eczema.  I highly recommend Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation skincare and I'm so glad to have found it!"

Aisle (40s) - ​​"Recently, I traveled for a month and spent hours on planes and trains.  Knowing the harsh effects travel can have on the skin, I used the Revitalising Spritz to combat the impact.  Its mix of simple, natural ingredients tellingly hydrated my skin and the lovely scent from the essential oils was refreshing.  I found the compact size and ease of use of the spritz a definite benefit, especially while traveling.  The Revitalising Spritz is a great product to have in your purse or backpack that you can easily use throughout the day."  Read more client testimonials...