Bexi's Original Limited Edition Serum: Spring Serum 2021

Why was Spring Serum 2021 so special?
Bexi's Spring Serum 2021 was an in-season, hyperlocal, organic, cruelty-free, nutrient-dense product, handcrafted in Northern California by just one person, me, Bexi.  I made it to celebrate Bexi's turning 5 in February 2021.  

The nutrient density of a mother's milk varies to meet the needs of her growing offspring. Mother's milk is typically higher in fats and amino acids early in the lactation cycle (soon after birth). Commercial goat’s milk is a mixture of milk from lots of goats who are at various points in their lactation cycle and rarely from goats that have recently given birth, as that would deprive the newborn kids of their food source.  

Spring Serum 2021 was made with my ideal goat's milk: surplus, raw (unpasteurized) milk from one goat that recently gave birth and lazily grazes on grass and plants that flourish in the California sun, resulting in nutrient-dense milk. Using this nutrient-dense milk as the first ingredient in the Spring Serum resulted in a rich, nourishing product that was perfect for revitalising dull and dry winter skin.

Who’s the goat and what’s her story?
Lafawnduh, an Oberhasli (heritage breed) goat, lives on Amy and Larry's farm in Dixon, about 10 miles from Davis, and spends her days eating green grass, lounging in the sun and fraternizing with other goats, sheep, dogs, turkeys, chickens, geese, guinea fowl and a peacock. Here's Lafawnduh pregnant with kids back in February, 2021.

The day I milked Lafawnduh, I got to play with Fritz, one of her frisky kids.

I just had to take a video of Fritz as he bounced around the farm...


Here's a video of Lafawnduh getting ready to get milked by me...


And here I am milking for the first time...


Why raw milk?
Raw milk is the purest and freshest form of milk. During the milking process, milk may be contaminated by harmful bacteria if appropriate farming practices and milking protocols are not rigorously followed. Commercially available milk is pasteurized to safeguard against microbial contamination that can make you sick. But, the heat from pasteurization not only kills any bacteria in the milk, it also affects the structure and activity of the nutrients in the milk.

I feel confident using Lafawnduh's raw milk because I know how, where and with whom she lives, and I personally milked her. Luckily, Lafawnduh provided enough of the raw milk for me to get to drink some...It was great and so different from commercially available pasteurized goat's milk. But, as everyone may not be comfortable with raw milk, I pasteurized some of the milk and made a pasteurized version of the Spring Serum, too. 

This process of transforming a surplus, seasonal, local, natural, wholesome ingredient into special skin care products exemplifies my philosophy and what Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation strives to embody and achieve. Your support ensures that these values take root and are sustained and perpetuated within the beauty industry and our community at large. Thanks for being part of this communal paradigm shift. 🕊💜🌿

Sad you missed out and can't get more of Spring Serum 2021?
Don't be.
 Summer Serum 2021 is here 🐐🧴☀️⛱🌴😎. 

Please click on the product links below to make a purchase.

Summer Serum 2021 - Raw is made with Lafawnduh's raw (unpasteurised) summer milk and is enhanced with a blend of essential oils that complement the revitalising properties of Lafawnduh's summer milk.

Summer Serum 2021 - Pasteurised is made with Lafawnduh's pasteurised summer milk enhanced with the same blend of essential oils as Summer Serum 2021 - Raw.

Summer Serum 2021 - Pasteurised / No EOs is made with Lafawnduh's pasteurised summer milk and no essential oils. If you feel more comfortable with pasteurised milk and are sensitive to essential oils, this is the one for you.