Krissy (50s)​​"Not your usual lotions and potions, Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisations are extraordinarily luxurious products tailored especially for you...One spritz and I was sold."

Brian (30s) - "Rebecca is a scientist, and brings together an incredible technical and artistic acumen behind her products.  In an era and product focus where corporate standardization puts consumers last, Rebecca aims to put consumers first, with customer-focused, science-based, and customizable approaches.  It might seem impossible to improve everyday products as simple as lip balm, but Rebecca has done so - her balm surprisingly lasts all day, and she constantly strives to formulate actual, all-natural alternatives, no hype."

Tereza (20s)"It's been almost two months since I started using Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation products and my skin could not be more thankful!  I suffer from eczema breakouts and dry skin and have been searching for all-natural skincare for years!!  I'm absolutely thrilled by the difference I've noticed in such a short time using Bexi's products.

I find the balm extremely soothing on my eczema breakouts.  I love applying it before I go to bed, allowing my skin to heal while I sleep.  The serum is my go-to!  My skin absolutely loves it and absorbs it instantly, creating a hydrated "canvas" for my day-to-day make-up routine.

​Using the balm and serum in combination with the wash and spritz has significantly reduced my eczema.  I highly recommend Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation skincare and I'm so glad to have found it!"

Ellen (40s)"I LOVE Bexi's Trial Set...Especially the Revitalising Serum.  Incredible!  Smells amazing, feels amazing and makes my skin amazing!  IN LOVE!"

Ann (70s)​ - "I have been using the Revitalising Balm for well over a month and can say it is wonderful.  It lasts all day and you never even know it is there.  Good-bye Kiehl’s.  I just purchased the Revitalising Spritz which is so refreshing, not to mention the lovely scent.  These are unique and special formulations that one can have custom-blended based on their skin needs."

Ayca (20s)​"Bexi's Spritz is amazing!  It balances the oiliness of the skin, provides clean and fresh sensation."

Ludmilla & Craig (60s) - "Ludmilla's allergic to just about everything, but since she's been using Bexi's products, her various skin issues no longer bother her, she's saving a ton of money on skin care products, she has a lot fewer jars and stuff to bother with, and she loves and swears by all the products.  For her, Bexi's has been something of a lifesaver, particularly after she collaborated with Bexi to perfect and incorporate Ludi's fresh ginger regimen into Bexi's Bespoke products.  And, seeing how magic the stuff has been for Ludmilla, I started using the balm on my lips and under my eyes, the serum as an all-purpose face cream/after shave, and the wash and, especially, the spritz for lots of stuff.  We love Bexi's."

Joy (30s)​​ - "I really love the Revitalising Balm.  I’ve noticed a difference  in my lips since I started using it.  I mostly use matte lipsticks, so it’s really important for my lips to be ultra smooth.  I use the lip balm as a base coat and totally love the results."

Trevor (20s) - "Everything they make here is far, far superior to the many products that I have used throughout my life.  I personally have used the Revitalising Balm for five months and I do not want to find another lip balm to use.  This is by far the best lip balm I have ever used, probably because of the purity and simplicity of the ingredients.  I knew this was different the moment I tried it.  The texture blends perfectly into the skin, not too slippery, it doesn't dry out and it incorporates naturally and easily.  In my opinion, this product is perfect because it is long-lasting, not only in application, but in value, too.  The fact that Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisation can customize the recipe to your exact needs makes this an exceptional product and a savior for those in need of the highest quality ingredients going into the products they use on and in their bodies every day.  Bexi's experience and the customized blending really raise the bar for the competition.  One stick lasted me five months!  Coming back for more!  Thank you, Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisation, you make my body happy."​​

Kelly (40s) - "I've used the Revitalising Wash every night this week, so, four nights...The redness on my cheeks is GONE!  What magic have you done on me!?!  Thank you so much."

Nicole (30s) - "Bexi's products are a great find for anyone looking to keep their skin healthy and glowing through the use of natural, high quality ingredients instead of the harsh chemicals found in many other skincare products.

I recently tried the Revitalising Wash, Serum and Spritz.  All three did a fantastic job of leaving my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.  The ginger aroma in these products is amazing.  It awakens you immediately and helps calm any inflammation/puffiness on your skin.  The serum is especially unique as it relies on goat's milk to give your skin an all-natural boost of vitamin A and moisturizes without any greasy/oily feeling.

All in all, I am very pleased with my Bexi's experience and think these products are a great addition to my daily skincare regimen!"

Aisle (40s) - ​​"Regarding the Revitalising Spritz: Recently, I traveled for a month and spent hours on planes and trains.  Knowing the harsh effects travel can have on the skin, I used the Revitalising Spritz to combat the impact.  Its mix of simple, natural ingredients tellingly hydrated my skin and the lovely scent from the essential oils was refreshing.  I found the compact size and ease of use of the spritz a definite benefit, especially while traveling.  The Revitalising Spritz is a great product to have in your purse or backpack that you can easily use throughout the day."

"Regarding the Revitalising Balm: I often experience dry lips and sought a balm that I would not have to reapply frequently.  The Revitalising Balm has been that product for me.  A single application provides broad coverage that lasts and its subtle taste from the natural ingredients offers a little boost!"

Tim (20s)​ - "At first I was skeptical of personalized lip balm, but it turned out much more effective than the other name brand products I tried.  Rather than just covering my lips in a wax coating, it helped moisturize and heal them for longer-lasting relief.  The service was also responsive and accommodating in making a product that was unique for me."

​​Rebecca (40s) - "Towards the end of the summer my daughter attended a G4G science event at the Salesian Boys and Girls Club in Richmond, California.  The event was very interesting and definitely inspired her interest even more in science.  During this day she was at Bexi's skin care station. She came home with a sample spray and a recipe.

My daughter has struggled with acne since she was in fifth grade.  She is now in tenth grade at Salesian College Preparatory.  Just recently she discontinued some of her nightly products that she has been using and began using the spray.  We have seen a remarkable improvement in her skin.  Thank you for this blessing!"

Julia (50s) - Like Bexi, I am a PhD.  I studied human biology on the cellular and molecular levels.  I have been using many different skin care products to soothe and calm my dry skin.  As I got older, I frantically used products that claim to have anti-aging effects, hoping to reduce wrinkles.  However, I had not taken the time to look closely at their ingredients and studies.  Recently, I realized I have been purchasing the promise that famous skin care companies advertise, not knowing whether that is true or whether that is good for my body.  I decided to make changes and began using Bexi's products that are made of natural whole foods and essential oils.  I use the Purifying Moisturiser and Serum and I love both of them.  My skin does not go dry during the day and night.  I am so happy that I found Bexi and Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation. 

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