Skin Dynamics

Your skin is dynamic.  Your skin care should be dynamic, too...
Work with, not against, your body's natural checks and balances to become the best version of you.
Live life in balance.

You are what you think.
Your thoughts are biochemical reactions that occur in the brain and trickle down to the rest of your body.
Stressful thoughts often manifest as rashes, acne or pain.
Pay particular attention to your body's warning signs.

the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.

Like water flowing through pipes, anything that goes into your body has to come out either as a growth, secretion or excretion.  The most obvious example of this is eating.  Some of the nutrients you ingest are incorporated into your body (muscle and fat), others are secreted (sebum and saliva) and others are excreted (sweat and urine).

Metabolic pathways are interconnected and complex.
Unnaturally high concentrations of nutrients and synthetic forms of nutrients effectively act as drugs;
all disrupt the balance of metabolic pathways and bypass and/or override Mother Nature's checks and balances.


Peptides, minerals and vitamins used at unnaturally high concentrations, in isolation, and/or with modifications to their structure, functionally act as drugs.​  Drugs override natural checks and balances, e.g., retinol, which stimulates cell renewal and growth.  The potential long-term effect and definition of unrestricted cell growth is cancer.

Evolution continually optimises the concentration, dosage and impact of nutrients.
So why bother to try somehow to reinvent what Mother Nature already so kindly provides?
Don’t try to fool Mother Nature, or cheat Father Time, or yourself.  

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