Wherever possible, Bexi's uses nothing but airtight ultraviolet (UV) glass containers that block out all harmful visible light, but allow in violet, UV and infrared (IR) wavelengths of light to maintain sterility, preserve freshness and minimize the need for preservatives in all of Bexi's dynamic products.

Airtight seals on Bexi's jars and bottles prevent oxidation, disintegration and microbial contamination of our products.  Please do not unscrew the pump or spray caps on the Spritz, Serum, Body Milk, and Purifying Moisturiser bottles, as this breaks the airtight seal and will decrease the shelf-life of these products.

 Reuse & RecycleYou are welcome to wash and reuse or recycle your containers, or return them to us to be washed, sterilized, and reused or recycled. 

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