Summer Serum 2021


Bexi's Summer Serum 2021 is my follow-up to Spring Serum 2021. It's in-season, hyperlocal, cruelty-free, small-batch, nutrient-dense, nourishing, hydrating (adds water) and moisturizing (traps water), and it's handcrafted in Northern California by just one person, me, Bexi.  


Summer Serum 2021 is made with Lafawnduh's summer milk. Lafawnduh is at a different point in her lactation cycle and the nutrient composition of her milk is very different from what it was this spring. But, of course, it's still nutrient dense and nourishing for your skin; moreover, it's what Mother Nature provided at this time this year.

Spring Serum 2021

I made Spring Serum 2021 to celebrate and to thank all of you for supporting Bexi's for the last 5 years. Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation would not exist today if not for the love, encouragement, and support I've received from so many of you.  

My Sjögren’s Diagnosis
As some of you may know, in 2018, after being really sick for a decade, I arrived at a diagnosis of Sjögren’s and had to learn to manage my symptoms while running Bexi's. Sjögren’s is the second most prevalent rheumatic autoimmune disease; as many as 4 million Americans have it. It's 3 times more common than lupus and multiple sclerosis, and as common as rheumatoid arthritis. Sjögren's affects the entire body and, left unchecked, it can be devastatingly debilitating. Although it is very common, Sjögren’s is rarely diagnosed. Because the disease is systemic, presents differently in each patient, and doctors are incorrectly taught that Sjögren’s is "just dry eyes and dry mouth", and because of inherent biases against women and people of color, my symptoms were continually dismissed and ignored. It took multiple repeated visits and countless tests with 12 medical doctors over the span of 10 years, my painstakingly poring over the scientific and medical literature, and methodical experimentation on myself before we correctly diagnosed my condition.

The Sjögren’s Foundation
The Sjögren's Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on increasing research, education and awareness for Sjögren's. (To learn more about the Sjogren’s Foundation and available resources, please visit

After my diagnosis none of the medical doctors I was seeing gave me the care and support I required to manage my Sjögren’s. I was still barely functional and in bed 3 or 4 days a week. The information and resources I got from the Sjogren's Foundation were crucial to my learning to manage the otherwise debilitating symptoms of Sjögren’s and to advocate for appropriate health care (always an uphill battle). The Sjögren's Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on increasing research, education and awareness for Sjögren's. 

The work done by the Foundation enables millions of people to access the validation and support they need to navigate and manage Sjögren’s. Many patients endure years of neglect and abuse from their close community, who think they are making it all up. In my case, I grew up thinking I was weak, lazy, dumb, stupid, worthless, a liar, and a hypochondriac, because that was the messaging I received related to what was then my undiagnosed illness. I was even accused of having Munchausen Syndrome. People just could not understand (and neither could I), how I could look so well and healthy and be so sick. The experience was traumatic.  

Me in 2018, 3 months before my Sjogren's diagnosis.

The Sjögren’s Foundation connected me to other Sjögren’s patients, mostly women, who, like me, had suffered the same societal response of abuse and neglect of their illness. The resources I found and the network I've built have helped me heal from some of those wounds. The journey is not as lonely, anymore.  

I was fortunate in my journey to have the knowledge, resources, and skills to get a diagnosis as quickly as I did, before major organ damage occurred. Therefore, with deep gratitude and wanting to pay it forward, I'm committed to raising awareness of Sjögren’s and supporting the Foundation's work so that no one else has to go through the avoidable emotional and mental abuse and neglect that I endured.

Bexi and Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation, Proud Supporters of the California Walk for Sjögren's

Sjogren's Foundation California Walk for Sjogren's

The Sjögren’s Foundation holds an annual fundraising event, Walk for Sjögren’s.  Funds raised go towards advocacy, raising awareness and, most importantly, research. This year, I donated 30% of Bexi's profits from sales of my limited edition Summer Serum 2021 to the Sjögren’s Foundation California Virtual Walk for Sjogren's and I walked San Francisco's Ocean Beach and Montara State Beach to raise money for Sjogren's.

Thank you for your commitment and support.

Bexi Walking for Sjogren's on Montara State Beach

While Fall is here and the Walk for Sjogren's is over, there are still a few bottles of Summer Serum 2021 available. I hope you will enjoy using Summer Serum 2021 as much as I have enjoyed formulating and crafting it for you. 

Please click on the product links below to make a purchase.

Summer Serum 2021 - Raw is made with Lafawnduh's raw (unpasteurised) summer milk and is enhanced with a blend of essential oils that complement the revitalising properties of Lafawnduh's summer milk.

Summer Serum 2021 - Pasteurised is made with Lafawnduh's pasteurised summer milk enhanced with the same blend of essential oils as Summer Serum 2021 - Raw.

Summer Serum 2021 - Pasteurised / No EOs is made with Lafawnduh's pasteurised summer milk and no essential oils. If you feel more comfortable with pasteurised milk and are sensitive to essential oils, this is the one for you.