Everything your skin needs, and nothing else. 

We use whole foods to revitalise your skin.
At Bexi’s we use animal and plant whole foods exclusively,
sourced locally and grown organically and sustainably whenever possible,
to create truly natural, nourishing, multipurpose formulae to revitalise and maintain healthy skin.  

What is a whole food?
A whole food is food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances, e.g., fresh ginger root, raw honey, goat's milk, and cold-pressed nut oils.

High quality whole foods (non-GMO, heritage breed, farmed organically, and, in the case of animal products, raised humanely) are  potent because they contain nutrients in the most biologically available forms and concentrations for your body.  

Our formulae are multipurpose, so you buy fewer products. There are no rules, just my suggestions for how to start using Bexi’s.  As you use my products, I encourage you to experiment.  Layer them, apply them in different orders, and use them at different times to find what works best for you.

Every ingredient has a specific function.  Our products are formulated and manufactured by Bexi and do not contain fillers or pre-made bases.

Our manufacturing process and packaging allows us to use minimal naturally occurring preservatives.  Bexi manufactures using sterile and asceptic techniques and our state-of-the-art, airtight, ultraviolet glass containers ensure our products retain their maximum potency, allowing us to use only the very minimum necessary trace of naturally occurring preservatives, pristine whole foods, high quality third-party-tested essential oils, and nothing else.

Our ingredients are our fragrances.  Bexi's products do not contain any artificial, unnatural or unnecessary ingredient or fragrance.  All the essential oils listed below are used for their skin revitalising properties and are blended at appropriate and balanced concentrations. 

We offer personally formulated solutions.  Almost all Bexi's products are available without essential oils and with bespoke blends of oils to suit your personal needs and tastes.  To learn more or to find out which products contain essential oils to which you may be allergic, please contact Bexi.  

Basil - Bergamot* - Black Pepper* - Blue Tansy

Cardamom - Carrot Seed - Cedarwood (Atlas)* - Chamomile (German)* - Chamomile (Roman)* - Cinnamon Bark - Citronella* - Clove Bud* - Copaiba Oleoresin* - Coriander Seed - Cypress*

Dill Weed

Elemi - Eucalyptus Globulus - Eucalyptus Radiata 

Frankincense Carterii* - Frankincense Freana* - Frankincense Serrata*  

Geranium (Egyptian) - Ginger Root - Grapefruit

Helichrysum Italicum*

Jasmine - Juniper Berry*

Lavandin - Lavender* - Lemon - Lemon Myrtle - Lemongrass* - Lime




Palmarosa - Peppermint* - Pine - Pink Grapefruit*

Rose - Rosemary 

Sandalwood (Indian) - Sweet Marjoram*

Tangerine* - Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)* - Thyme Thymol*


Ylang Ylang*

*USDA certified organic

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