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Dear Friends,

I started Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation in 2016 to initiate a paradigm shift in the beauty and skin care industries; to broaden the definition of beauty, break negative cycles of addiction and create a toolset of skin care products that anyone can use to simply and effectively address the dynamic needs of their skin to maintain optimal skin health.  I’ve struggled to create a sustainable business model that stays true to both my ethics and my vision and mission within this competitive, exploitative and ethically questionable industry.

Unlike conventional skincare products, my products are naturally potent and they work synergistically to solve your skin care concerns so you don’t have to keep coming back for more.  Over time you use less of Bexi’s instead of more until you reach a maintenance phase with your skin health.  This is counter to how the rest of the skincare industry works.  But you already know Bexi’s runs counter to the norms of the skincare industry, because Bexi’s was the first to offer a toolset of truly natural, multipurpose and multifunctional formulas, and to teach you how to address the dynamic needs of your skin.

As this new paradigm of dynamic skin care that connects you to the rhythms of Mother Nature and your body takes root, Bexi's continues to evolve.  When the pandemic hit, I was in the midst of rebranding and building a locally-based and community-oriented business, where clients saw me and picked up their products in person.  2020 was a year of deep uncertainty and change, and I chose to implement only a portion of the planned changes, hold off on the rest and wait to see what our new normal would be.  Your patience and continued support as we grow and improve means a lot to me, thank you.  

Here are the changes I'm making...

I am even more committed to using locally-sourced, organic, and sustainably and regeneratively-grown ingredients as much as possible.  I have switched to using USDA certified organic, sustainably grown and harvested, and third-party verified essential oils, whenever possible.  

I've reworked the Ludi by Bexi formula to address bug bites, pimples, flareups and scars in addition to being a convenient, all-in-one product that, in a pinch, can substitute for the Balm, Serum, Purifying Moisturiser and Spritz.  

I now offer limited edition versions of my products made with locally-sourced, high quality, nutrient-dense ingredients, whenever available.  Spring Serum 2021 and Summer Serum 2021 are made from the milk of a single goat 10 miles away.  My Fall and Winter products are made with honey from bees hived 3.6 miles from Bexi's.  Keep an eye out for my limited edition West Davis Honey Mask, which will go on sale soon.  It's the perfect relaxing product to gift yourself or someone else for making it through this year.  

The FDA cosmetic labeling guide requires that each product be identified by “the common or usual name of the cosmetic”.  This requirement falsely assumes that each cosmetic product only has one main use and that this use is the same for every consumer.  Boxed in by this requirement back in 2016, I identified my products as best I could, but I have come to realize that some of the identifiers I chose were inadequate and do not accurately reflect the true multipurpose and varied functionality of the product. 

Therefore, I’ve renamed three products that have caused the most confusion.  The Revitalising Wash is now the Purifying Moisturiser, the Makeup Remover is now the Cleansing Hydrator, and the Revitalising Mask is now the Multipurpose Mask.

The entire Bexi’s product line and all bespoke products will soon have new, color-coded labels with ink that does not wipe off. 

The need to socially distance for everyone's well-being means that I've been shipping almost every order, which takes time, energy and money that is not reflected in Bexi’s 2020 pricing.  Moreover, with the effects of climate change more apparent than ever, I realized I could ease the burden on the environment by optimizing my product sizes to decrease the number of shipments.

So, I am phasing out the 1 fl oz / 30 ml bottle of Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser (Revitalising Wash), Cleansing Hydrator (Makeup Remover) and 1.7 oz / 50 g jar of Multipurpose Mask (Revitalising Mask).  The Spritz, Purifying Moisturiser, and Cleansing Hydrator are now available in a 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml and the Multipurpose Mask is now available in a 5.3 oz / 150 g jar. 

In 2016 and again in 2020, I gave my products FDA-appropriate names that are one-dimensional and do not accurately represent their multifaceted qualities.  I priced my products based on the prices of similarly named products, forgetting that Bexi’s products are similar only in name, but much more potent, multipurpose and effective than anything else on the market.  They are literally unique in function and quality. 

Therefore, I’ve had to change my prices to reflect more accurately the true level of my good manufacturing practices, skill, research, care and quality of ingredients that go into each product.  Some of the new product sizes and prices are already posted online and the old product sizes will be phased out gradually but, for you, the new prices will go into effect on12/1/21.  Shipping will be free and if you have spent $500 or more at Bexi's and buy 2 or more products, excluding the stick of Balm, you will get 15% off.  

If you need to place an order between now and 12/1/21, please message me a list of what you’d like (please include item name, size, and quantity) and I’ll send you an electronic invoice using the old 2020 pricing.  

Thank you for your patience as this transition occurs and thank you for believing in and supporting Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisation as I clarify and distill what Bexi’s and I represent and stand for.

I couldn’t do this without you, and I hope you’ll be an even bigger part of this revolutionary paradigm shift towards a more loving and accepting community with a broader definition of what it means to be beautiful.

Dr. Rebecca (Bexi) Lobo, PhD

*for current, qualified customers; excluding the stick of Balm
**excluding the stick of Balm

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