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The West Davis Honey Revitalising Mask nourishes, hydrates, moisturises and soothes.  It's an easy, relaxing, nurturing treat for you and/or someone special.
  It's made with West Davis Honey (3.6 miles from Bexi's), dashes of extra virgin macadamia nut oil and cold-pressed castor oil, a pinch of rice flour, and a relaxing and soothing blend of essential oils that will leave you revitalised.  Detailed instructions are included with the jar.

Use a clean finger to apply the Revitalising Mask in a generous layer to damp skin, put your feet up, close your eyes, relax for 10 minutes (or longer if you like) and welcome the revitalising goodness of the honey and oils into your skin, inhaling and exhaling slowly to get the aromatherapeutic benefits, as well.  When you are sufficiently revitalised, gently wash off with lukewarm water and apply the Serum or another Bexi's product of your choosing.  Voila!  Spa day at home in 10 minutes.

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